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            Shangyanghuan Branch to build Taizhou City, the global water

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                  As the country's first municipal water quality monitoring network, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Shangyang Oriental Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Taizhou City, the construction of the global water quality monitoring "Water Skynet" project, since its inception, has attracted all over the country More and more leading experts come to study the research. June 20, Taizhou City Environmental Protection Bureau has ushered in the delegation of Sichuan Province, Taizhou environmental protection reported.
            The following is the full text of the report:
                    June 20, Leshan City, Sichuan Province, Zhang Tong and his party in the Taizhou Municipal Committee, United Front Secretary, accompanied by a single, came to the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau to carry out the global water quality monitoring research. Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau Director Chen Changtao to Leshan City delegation to introduce Taizhou City, the global water quality monitoring "Water Skynet" project.
            Taizhou City, the global water quality monitoring "Water Skynet" project

            Background of the project

                     Zhejiang Provincial Committee of the thirteenth session of the Fourth Plenary Session proposed to "rule sewage, flood control, drainage water, water supply, grasping water" as a breakthrough through the transition to upgrade. Taizhou City, the implementation of the "five common governance" of the major decisions, and actively in accordance with the "one year off black and smelly, two years to mention water quality, three years can swim" goal, solid advance "Qing Sanhe", " Two transition "and so on.
            Project Overview
                     March 2016 to start the construction of the country's first municipal water quality monitoring network, to create "Water Skynet" project, the implementation of "precision pollution control" to complete the city's cross-section surface water quality automatic monitoring work. In the city to build 100 micro-water automatic monitoring station, to the Taizhou environmental protection departments to provide 100 micro-water automatic monitoring station ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, permanganate index of effective data.
            Project function
                     Taizhou "Water Skynet" project in accordance with the monitoring system network, the system design standardization, water station construction miniaturization, communication network diversification, data audit multi-dimensional, information display graphics, assessment management information, operation and control intelligent, security Protection of multiple construction, which has three main functions:

            1、Real-time dynamic control of water quality changes 
            2、Precise positioning to track water pollution sources 
            3、Early warning of abnormal water quality changes

                    Give full play to the surface water "Skynet project" role, mobilize the cadres and the masses to actively participate in water control action, promote water environment comprehensive management, and create a beautiful water ecological environment, improve the quality of urban and rural residents to achieve social development and environmental protection of communion.
                     Taizhou "Water Skynet" project to achieve the "five common governance joint defense" big cooperation, and effectively strengthen the water environment management; to enhance the level of environmental protection and administrative law enforcement supervision, to support the "river system"; to promote environmental protection social service model development As a "five water co-governance" propaganda carrier, to strengthen public participation and supervision awareness; to promote the socialization of environmental protection, environmental regulation data, the responsibility of assessment of digital, environmental management, precision, Taizhou water quality improvement has played a certain The role.
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