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              Welcome to: Ningbo Ligong Online Monitoring Technology Co., Ltd!  Hotline:400-8269-696

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              IOFT2020 Winding Temperature Optical Fiber Online Monitoring System

              IOFT2020 Winding Temperature Optical Fiber Online Monitoring System

              On-load tap changer (On-load Tap Changer-OLTC) is a key component of on-load tap-changer, and the failure rate is up to 20%, accounting for 40% of the total fault of the on-load tap-changer. The monitoring of the on-load tap-changer is particularly important for reducing the failure rate of the transformer.

              The on-load tap-changer on-line monitoring system (IED) obtains data information (current and voltage rms) from the process layer network and obtains the on-load tap-changer gear status from the on-load switch controller and records the number of operations, OLTC anomalies State (such as power failure, refused to move) and other information; the system can increase the controller to achieve on-load tap-changer on-site control and based on network control.

              Technical indicators
              Serial number Monitoring project Measuring range
              1 Number of channels 2,4,6,8
              2 Measuring range -30℃~200℃
              3 Accuracy 2℃
              4 Front panel display Large1"LED display (per channel)
              5 Probe signal strength read All channels have separate signal buttons
              6 Input power Universal AC / DC [90-265VAC / DC] power supply
              7 Number of relays 6 C-type programmable cooler control and alarm set points
              8 Temperature data storage Save the temperature data for more than one year, read once every minute and keep the maximum temperature of each channel until the user is reset
              9 LED alarm indicator One for each relay
              10 System fault relay 1 type C relay
              11 System fault indicator 2 LEDs (green for good operation, red for failure)
              12 Overvoltage protection 3000V(IEEE C37.90.1.1989)
              13 Connector All ring terminal blocks
              14 Operating ambient temperature -40℃~+70℃
              15 Storage temperature -40℃~+85℃
              16 communication Industrial Ethernet / fiber interface, support IEC61850