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              On - line monitoring system for condition information on iOCM2020T

              On - line monitoring system for condition information on iOCM2020T

              The basic parameters include: the core of the transformer, the ground current of the clamp, the neutral ground current, the top oil temperature, the bottom oil temperature, the oil level, the pressure, the pressure of the oil Release valves, gas relays and other transformer conditions information. Core ground current monitoring can be found inside the box body, the internal insulation damp or damage, tank deposition sludge, core multi-point grounding and other types of failure, so early detection of latent risks, early warning, to avoid accidents.

              Technical features
              Number Participation quantity Sampling method Technical Specifications / Uncertainty
              1 Main tank gas pressure Pressure Sensor 0~1MPa,1.5%
              2 Oil level Oil level gauge Switch
              3 Gas accumulation and oil flow rate Gas relay Light gas Switch
              Heavy gas Switch
              4 Top oil temperature Pt100 -40~ 150℃,±1℃
              5 Bottom oil temperature Pt100 -40~ 150℃,±1℃
              6 Winding hot spot temperature Pt100 -40~ 150℃,±1℃
              7 Ambient temperature Pt100 -40~ 80℃,±1℃
              8 Core, clamp ground current Current sensor 10mA~10A, ±2.5mA(Less than100mA) ±2.5%(not less than100mA)