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              IOLTC2020 On-load Switch On-Line Monitoring System

              IOLTC2020 On-load Switch On-Line Monitoring System

              On-load tap changer (On-load Tap Changer-OLTC) is a key component of on-load tap-changer, and the failure rate is up to 20%, accounting for 40% of the total fault of the on-load tap-changer. The monitoring of the on-load tap-changer is particularly important for reducing the failure rate of the transformer.

              The on-load tap-changer on-line monitoring system (IED) obtains data information (current and voltage rms) from the process layer network and obtains the on-load tap-changer gear status from the on-load switch controller and records the number of operations, OLTC anomalies State (such as power failure, refused to move) and other information; the system can increase the controller to achieve on-load tap-changer on-site control and based on network control.

              Technical features
              ◆ on-load control system to achieve network-based control;
              ◆ low power consumption, no fan, full shield, high reliability;
              ◆ wide operating temperature, in the & ndash; 40 ℃ ~ +85 ℃ within the normal work;
              ◆ using industrial-grade PowerPC embedded processor, clocked at 667MHz;
              ◆ Embedded Linux real-time operating system;
              ◆ double hundred trillion network port, using DL / T860 (IEC61850) standard protocol;
              ◆ time synchronization: the use of SNTP network and fiber B code on the time;
              ◆ can be used card structure, easy to expand.