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              MCR type LGPE-SVC dynamic reactive power compensation device

              Magnetically controlled controlled reactor (MCR) is widely used in power system. It has the advantages of small footprint, low investment and simple maintenance.
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              Technical characteristics
              ◆ Magnetic valve type controllable reactor with full outdoor operating capacity in harsh environments, MCR-type SVC with a high degree of reliability, can achieve 20 years of basic maintenance-free operation;
              ◆ Excitation unit does not need to external power supply, by the reactor internal winding to achieve automatic control;
              ◆ reactive power by changing the thyristor conduction angle to achieve automatic control, continuous adjustment, and from the smallest capacity to the maximum capacity of the transition time is very short, the real flexibility compensation;
              ◆ small footprint, easy installation, magnetic valve-type control reactor with oil-immersed way, outdoor installation, natural cooling;
              ◆ harmonic content is small, the grid pollution is small, the existing capacitor group without any adverse effects, easy to make full use of existing equipment transformation;
              ◆ overpressure ability, limited pressure ability, with a natural automatic pressure limiting capacity;
              ◆ no pollution to the environment and the human body;
              ◆ According to the principle of Steinmetz, to achieve three-phase asymmetric load balance compensation;
              ◆ low voltage thyristor control, no need to withstand high voltage, high current, the use of natural cooling can be put into operation can be achieved maintenance-free;
              ◆ Even if the thyristor is damaged, the magnetic valve type controllable reactor is only equivalent to a no-load transformer, does not affect the operation of other devices.