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              Welcome to: Ningbo Ligong Online Monitoring Technology Co., Ltd!  Hotline:400-8269-696

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              iCAC4000 Status information access controller
                      iCAC4000 State information access controller is based on the State Grid Corporation issued the "Q / GDW 561-2010 power transmission equipment condition monitoring system technical guidelines" requirements for the design, the main function is to receive transmission lines or substations within the monitoring device status information , And they are standardized control of the equipment。

                      iCAC4000 Status information access controller functions include: power transmission and transmission of online monitoring device information access; to the standard monitoring device or CMA issued control instructions; state information forwarding; data cache and resume; remote data call; large capacity data Local storage; self-management; system clock synchronization。

              Technical features:
              ● low power consumption, no fan, full shield, high reliability;
              ● Wide operating temperature, in the & ndash; 40 ℃ ~ +85 ℃ within the normal work;
              ● Embedded LINUX real-time operating system;
              ● using MySQL5.1 database system;
              ● Dual Gigabit Ethernet port, using the standard IEC61850 communication protocol, compatible with Modbus, IEC104, CDT protocol, etc .;
              ● 2-channel RS485 interface (maximum support baud rate 115200bps), 2-channel RS232 interface (maximum support baud rate 115200bps) and 2-channel CAN2.0B interface (maximum support baud rate 1Mbps);
              ● support SNTP network pair and B code when the fiber pair;
              ● support I1 / I2 interface;
              ● As IEC 61850 client, 50 servers can be connected at the same time. As IEC 61850 server, 10 client connection requests can be accepted at the same time.