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              OWTS MV series cable oscillation wave partial discharge test system

                    The Cable Oscillator Offset Test System (OWTS) is a device for the partial discharge test of cross-linked polyethylene power cables. For field testing, DC power supply is not suitable for XLPE power cables, and ultra-low frequency (0.1Hz) power supply is used because of the large capacity of the power cable. It is difficult to test the power supply voltage. New flaws. Cable oscillation wave partial discharge detection and positioning technology, is the use of the cable itself, the capacitance characteristics of the attenuation of the oscillation of the AC high-voltage waveform, the power supply equipment is light, and can effectively detect and locate the location of the cable part of the discharge without causing damage to the cable, More widely used.

                      OWTS MV series cable oscillation wave partial discharge test system is developed by Ningbo Science and Technology Monitoring Technology Co., Ltd. for the detection, positioning and evaluation of cable insulation and accessories in the partial discharge fault products for different voltage levels of low voltage power cable PD test.

              system name

              OWTS MV30

              OWTS MV60

              Application cable voltage rating

              20kV and below

              35kV and below

              OWTS MV series test system                                                                                      System software main interface

              System Features:

              Ø   Based on the damping oscillation voltage (DAC) of the PD test
              Ø   Partial level of measurement based on the IEC 60270 standard
              Ø   Rapid discharge of the cable, capacitance, dielectric loss test
              Ø   Partial detection combined with localized location technology
              Ø   Fast recording and oscillation voltage tracking test
              Ø   With expert software system analysis of partial discharge mode
              Ø   With fault location, no external time domain reflectometer
              Ø   Using wireless local area network (WLAN) for control and communication
              Ø   Through the harsh environmental test, can be tested at minus 20 degrees of environmental scene
              Ø   Portable design, light weight, simple layout

              Technical indicators:

              project         model

              OWTS MV30

              OWTS MV60

              DAC Maximum output voltage 30kV peak/21kV rms 60kV peak/42kV rms
              DAC Frequency Range 50Hz ~ 850Hz 50Hz ~ 850Hz
              Measurable capacitance range 0.05μF ~4μF 0.05μF ~4μF
              High voltage charging current 12mA 6mA
              Partial measurement range 1pC ~ 100nC 1pC ~ 100nC
              Partial discharge measurement standard IEC 60270 IEC 60270
              Test the analog bandwidth 50Hz ~50MHz 50Hz ~50MHz
              Measurement of dielectric loss factor tanδ 0.1% ~5% 0.1% ~5%
              Working power supply AC80~260V,50/60Hz AC80~260V,50/60Hz
              Operating temperature -20℃ ~ +50℃ -20℃ ~ +50℃
              size(mm) Ф600,H:650 Ф600,H:800