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              MDD3000C cable online monitoring system

                     MDD3000C cable online monitoring system can monitor the cable running status, by the online monitoring and fault diagnosis of two major components. The fault diagnosis part includes the fault judgment module, the fault qualitative and positioning diagnosis module, the fault severity and development trend analysis module, the fault hazard assessment module and the fault diagnosis module. Maintenance strategy module. 

                      MDD3000C intelligent components cabinet is the intelligent device of the cable, mainly by the iMAS2020C embedded processor (main IED), iCTM2020 cable temperature on-line monitoring IED, iIPDM2020C cable partial discharge on-line monitoring IED, iCFDM2020 cable fire online monitoring IED and fiber switches and other components, And may extend other monitoring IEDs as needed. The IEDs are designed for fanless cooling to improve reliability and are housed in a cabinet with an upholstered 19-inch standard chassis.