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              Smart Grid Online Monitoring

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              MDD3000L transmission line on - line monitoring system

                       MDD3000L transmission line intelligent online monitoring system for the subsidiary Zhejiang Thunderbird Smart Grid Technology Co., Ltd. developed a product. The system consists of transmission line ice-covered on-line monitoring subsystem, transmission line sag on-line monitoring subsystem, micro-meteorological online monitoring subsystem, distributed wire temperature on-line monitoring subsystem, transmission line remote image monitoring subsystem and so on.

                      MDD3000L transmission line intelligent online monitoring system through the network, SMS, etc. to receive front-end monitoring equipment to return the various types of monitoring data, the use of built-in multi-algorithm model of the transmission line operating parameters (sag, ice weight, etc.) in real time, Monitoring data and calculation results to the monitoring equipment to issue control commands. The MDD3000L supports the company's terminal communication protocol and provides extended protocol support for special types of monitoring devices.

                      MDD3000L system not only has data comparison, statistics and other functions, but also has advanced computing, diagnosis, prediction and other application functions. MDD3000L can display the monitoring data in multi-angle form and realize the data browsing mode of different themes (equipment, monitoring quantity and time period). Realize the real-time playback and playback of the monitoring video through the correct processing of the front end static and dynamic video signals. The GIS function of the system can realize the thematic map display of various monitoring quantity on GIS map. The system's large-screen function can display multiple functional interfaces on the big screen at the same time, and can switch the display function of multiple functional interfaces in combination mode, so that users can fully understand the diversified information and comprehensively master the operation of transmission lines.

              System functions and features:
              Monitoring project
              Subsystem name
              Terminal status
              Monitoring system terminal communication, voltage, battery voltage changes, and low voltage alarm
              Meteorological state
              Monitor the ambient temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, atmospheric pressure, sunshine and other parameters of the line, and alarm the abnormal situation
              Micro Weather Online Monitoring Subsystem
              Guided ground conditions
              Monitoring the temperature of the guide, the wind deflection angle and the inclination angle;
              Guide / ground dancing amplitude, frequency, half wave number;
              Wire bending strain value, wire amplitude, frequency and fatigue damage and other parameters
              Transmission line sag on - line monitoring subsystem
              Tower conditions
              Monitor the line tilt angle and the lateral tilt angle
              Tower tilt tilt monitoring subsystem
              Electrical condition
              Monitoring the relevant data of the operation of the insulator;
              The state and development trend of the insulator surface
              Insulator on - line monitoring subsystem
              Wire icing
              Monitoring the thickness of icing, the icing thickness and the icing growth
              On - line Monitoring Subsystem of Transmission Line
              Wire operation
              Monitoring wire temperature, carrying capacity forecasting, wire temperature prediction and load scheduling assistant decision making
              Distributed wire temperature on - line monitoring subsystem
              Video image
              Monitor all the image information of each line tower, and have the remote control and setting function to the video device
              Transmission Line Remote Image Monitoring Subsystem

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