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              LTM2000 Distributed Wire Temperature Online Monitoring System

              LTM2000 Distributed Wire Temperature Online Monitoring System

              Distributed wire temperature measuring device for a single real-time measurement of the wire temperature of the device, the use of solar and lithium battery power supply, the use of RF communication mode and installed in the tower on the master device to communicate, small size, light weight, Point measurement of temperature on a section of the line, with other distributed wire temperature measurement device combination, the formation of "drag a few" temperature model.
              Micro-meteorological on-line monitoring system mainly consists of meteorological parameter acquisition unit, front-end monitoring equipment master, central control system and so on. Meteorological parameters of the collection unit, including the ambient temperature acquisition unit, the ambient humidity acquisition unit, the wind speed acquisition unit, the wind collection unit, rainfall collection unit.
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              Technical Parameters
              ◆ temperature measurement range: -40 ℃ ~ +200 ℃;
              ◆ measurement accuracy: & plusmn; 1 ℃;
              ◆ data transmission interval: 2m ~ 2h;
              ◆ protection of the shell performance level: IP66;
              ◆ power supply mode: lithium battery / solar;
              ◆ lithium battery work duration: & ge; 3 years;
              ◆ allow long-term through the wire load current: 22A ~ 4000A;
              ◆ Under ice conditions allow the current through the wire to load DC: 4000A.