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            Welcome to: Ningbo Ligong Online Monitoring Technology Co., Ltd!  Hotline:400-8269-696

            High pressure laboratory
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            High pressure laboratory

                    The main task of the high-pressure laboratory is to carry out the previous research and test verification of the high-voltage equipment of power transmission and transformation. The type test and the quality inspection can be carried out on the on-line monitoring products of 220kV GIS, circuit breaker, arrester, power transformer and other equipment. 

                    GIS using outdoor design, there are a variety of typical structure, the internal installation of a variety of discharge models, to simulate the various parts of the occurrence of different types of partial discharge. In addition to the configuration of magnetic column circuit breaker, circuit breaker for the special monitoring and research.

                    CB6 gas pressure, SF6 gas moisture, CB energy storage motor working condition, switch Equipment contact infrared temperature measurement, switching equipment, air chamber temperature and so on.
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