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            Welcome to: Ningbo Ligong Online Monitoring Technology Co., Ltd!  Hotline:400-8269-696

            Postdoctoral workstations
            current location:Home > Research technology > Postdoctoral workstations >

                    The company cooperated with the postdoctoral workshop in Ningbo Free Trade Zone to set up a post-doctoral research base to attract high-level professionals to carry out related research on the company. Over the past five years, the post-doctoral work base of the work is progressing smoothly, there are from Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology and other colleges and universities have six post-doctoral research work in the company, which has a post-doctoral leave Companies involved in R & D and management. Through this research and development cooperation, the company carried out a number of new products pre-research work to solve a large number of technical problems, improve the company's research and development level and technological innovation capability. 

            博士后科研工作站         We sincerely welcome people of insight to join my company to carry out post-doctoral research work, the specific direction of research and development are as follows:
                     1, based on the expert system of transformer fault diagnosis technology;
                     2, the transformer partial discharge and on-line monitoring technology;
                     3, pollution source organic matter on-line monitoring technology;
                     4, SF6 gas leak imaging detection technology;
                     5, high-speed data acquisition and processing technology;
                     6, other electrical equipment on-line monitoring related technologies.

                    Welcome the majority of the doctor raised other aspects of cooperation issues, we will provide generous treatment. Contact Phone (0574-55223055) Contact: Mr Yao

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